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Research Blog: Tailored expertise to the forefront – What is best about working on the Solved platform?


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Experts consider that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area

When we talked with experts of the Solved platform in personal interviews for our research project Work engagement in changing knowledge work, we were able to dive into the practices of working on the platform.

We were also able to learn what Solved’s experts value and where do they see challenges.

According to the interviews, work on the platform boils down to a democratic way of working, combining tailored areas of expertise, and the need for (virtual) leadership.

Our interviewees described work on the platform as democratic and flexible – everyone gets their voice heard equally.

The hierarchy is low regardless of, for example, junior or senior positions that often set certain dynamics in more traditional team settings.

Especially independent consultants found the projects and related team work significantly more diverse than what they could take individually, so Solved really opens up new opportunities!

One of the best aspects of working with Solved, according to our interviewees, is that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area.

Typically, all team members in Solved’s projects have in-depth expertise on a certain topic and, hence, they do not compete directly with each other.

In this context, it is easy to share expertise and learn from each other. Some of our interviewees specifically described work on the platform as “brain food” that inspires them to learn new things.

Though experts working with Solved are typically independent, well-experienced, and accustomed to virtual work, certain points of the project require clear leadership, especially as the Solved community is an international bunch.

When facilitated and led with a clear vision, international teamwork can be extremely efficient and beneficial – especially for the end-customer­ – as the diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise provide synergy in ways that would be otherwise impossible.

With a clear vision, there are no limits to what Solved’s experts can achieve when they put their expertise to work.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the interviews and shared their insights! The full project report including the questionnaires and the interviews has been published online (in Finnish).

The project was funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund.