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The rise of the sustainable consumer – and the need for transparent business


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A responsible way of living is the way where you assume responsibility for your decisions and your actions to produce waste, to throw away things, to buy and consume – or not consume. Today one thing is sure: everybody searches for more transparency in information about products and services, says Corina Radu, a founder of EchtGut.

“Consumers desire for responsible consumption is driving the global marketplace. Today we see that one of the biggest challenge of the humankind is consumption. The late years showed that some companies took acting and being responsible in an unserious way, pretending they apply it, when in fact they did not. This combined with the lack of information of what they achieve, became one of the reasons why presently, sustainability is lacking people’s trust.”

Corina Radu’s company EchtGut is a future platform and an application to help people rate the sustainability of businesses, services, products, public places and shops, based on defined sustainability criteria and the personal selection. Buy goods that last more from those who understand what are you looking for is our silver line, she says.

“The platform will also promote small sustainable businesses become well-known in the community for their efforts and we will connect customers with those businesses sharing the same goal – a responsible lifestyle.”

She says that once informed and start paying attention to our daily choices, we achieve more as a person and we learn, start sharing and informing others and becoming a multiplicator. This is one way to start building a community where kids, adults, silver agers share their ideas to become responsible together.

“Many big companies dispose of a relatively high budget for having a corporate social responsibility, deploy large activities, have large teams for implementation. Their communication materials, campaigns, channels are bigger and can cover entire markets with the power of storytelling. The harder is to make transparent how responsible their business is conducted really, starting from what they offer to how do they treat and engage employees.”

However, small companies have the effect to get closer to customers, she says.

“They do not have a huge budget to make impressive and long lasting campaigns, but they have the more personal, down to earth voice to attract new customers, producing the transparency of information people need to see before deciding for their offerings. They might not sale big, but they secure long-term sale, a good reputation, trust and loyal customers.”

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