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Case Solved: Sustainable holiday resort brings responsible travelers to Ruka, Kuusamo

Solved’s expert team made it possible to create a sustainable, wooden holiday home area in Lapland, Finland

Today, it’s critical that hotels and resorts adopt sustainable practices and development. For example, sustainable accommodation helps both to stay competitive and protect the environment.

Ruka is a widely known ski and holiday resort. The area presents a variety of accommodation as well as plenty of leisure-time activities for visitors to occupy themselves with, not only during the winter, but around the year. There is a growing need for accommodation and services but also an increasing demand for sustainable solutions.

Ruka in Kuusamo, a state-owned forestry enterprise Metsähallitus and local partners decided to build a totally new area to the Eastern side of Ruka. The aim was to develop a concept of sustainable tourism that makes Ruka a memorable travel destination.

But how to create a totally unique and unforgettable holiday resort?

Consider it Solved.

Solved mobilized a multidisciplinary team of experts together with an architecture team of MUUAN to consider the essential aspects of a concept. Expertise was needed in the following areas: wood as material, wood construction and buildings, international tourism, circular economy, energy and digitalization.

Solved’s expert team delivered a high-quality concept to be utilized by all parties involved as well as their stakeholder networks. The concept respects the natural beauty of Kuusamo.

If you want to know more, please see the Ruka Valley leaflet here (PDF in English).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons