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Sustainability is the key to business success – 5 tips for sustainability communications

Solved is a “born-sustainable” company. All our projects and actions aim to be environmentally positive – we want to make things much better, not just reduce or neutralize harmful effects.

Citizens, for example in China, are demanding more sustainable and ethical business practices from organizations. At the same time there will be more and more legislation, demands and media attention on corporate sustainability issues. Communications is a vital part of sustainability and business. Organizations should clearly tell how they contribute to socially, financially and environmentally sustainable development.

Here are some of our learnings.

Sustainability is not a report or statement. It’s the reason why future-oriented organizations do business and grow. Communication is one of the key ways to make sustainable business and achieve the targets. This is the simplest way to do it:

How to create a successful sustainability communication plan

  1. Now it’s the time. Your organization will never be 100 % ready. Do not wait until you are completely happy. The time is never right, so why not to start right now?
  2. Don’t separate business from stories. The most successful organizations do not separate business targets and sustainability messages. Sustainability is the core of their business. If business targets and sustainability messages are in harmony, communications will be consistent and clear.
  3. Define your sustainability messages. Identify and define what sustainability means to your organization and why your organization cares. Formulate your message, and keep it clear. Take sustainability seriously and concrete. No buzzwords. No jargon.
  4. Engage people. Encourage people to join your mission. Connect people across different channels and platforms. Help people to associate with your sustainability targets and help them collaborate easily. Remember that the key thing in engagement is “what’s the meaning of this”. Sustainability goals should be approachable, but they also should be big, beneficial and meaningful.
  5. Tell people about the real-life benefits. Explain the positive impact of sustainability actions on business and society. Real-life examples help to make your sustainability goals more relevant to the public. Keep it real.

Sustainability communication contributes to positive development. When sustainable development is intertwined with business activities, organizations will have positive impact on people, other organizations and society. However, at its best, sustainability communication is actual communication without the word “sustainability”.

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