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Study: Entrepreneurial passion leads to work engagement and career benefits on the Solved Platform

First learnings from the on-going engagement measurement project by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Solved – the Cleantech Company.

The competitive advantage of engaged employees is based on their capabilities to be innovative and to take the initiative in restructuring their job resources to be more in line with community goals.

Work-related engagement is a research-based and measurable positive psychological state, which can significantly improve performance (of both individuals and businesses) through concentrating on the strengths of individuals.

Work engagement consists of three dimensions: vigor, dedication, and absorption. Vigor refers to high levels of energy and resilience, dedication refers to strong involvement in work, and absorption refers to a pleasant state of work immersion.

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has an on-going 2-year engagement measurement project together with Solved – the Cleantech Company. The Finnish Work Environment Fund is financing the project. The project is synchronized with Solved’s platform development project, which consists of both technological improvements and communication-related improvements on the platform. The purpose of surveys executed in the project is to give all Solved experts a possibility to give voice to their thoughts, values and development ideas and thus be involved in making the platform a worldwide virtual cleantech community. Some experts are also interviewed during the project.

The baseline survey questionnaire was sent to all registered Solved experts in September 2017. Results of the survey show higher levels of work engagement in interdependent co-creation work when compared with experts working in traditional work conditions. Members of project teams show especially high levels of entrepreneurial passion and estimate having received career benefits through being members of the Solved community.

There will be two follow-up surveys during 2018, and experts are free to respond to all of the questionnaires or just one of them based on their interests and time.

Explore more here: Solved Baseline Results 2018

LUT Research team:
Professor Kirsimarja Blomqvist
Associate Professor Sanna Sintonen
Researcher Laura Olkkonen
Junior Researcher Ilona Toth

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