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EventHorizon, 17–19 Apr 2018, Berlin

17.04.2018 - 19.04.2018

Kraftwerk Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

EventHorizon is the ONE exclusive annual event centered on energy blockchain solutions for a future based solely on renewable resources. It is a game-changing platform for the development of a customer focused, fair energy future. Once a year, EventHorizon unites the Who’s Who of both the traditional energy and innovative blockchain sectors.

The energy market is at a turning point. Leading experts agree that blockchain technology has the potential to shift the whole industry. Decentralized digital platforms will change the way people buy and sell energy. Blockchain technology enables us to build verifiable, secure peer-to-peer structures and it conciliates the use of data and privacy. In turn, this means that there will be a shift of perspective in our daily life.

EventHorizon brings together pioneers, experts and visionaries of both worlds, the energy and blockchain sectors, resulting in a powerful melting pot of diverse perspectives, innovations as well as informative content.

The summit is predestined to leave a mark in the attendees way of looking at the future of energy. The event serves the best interests of all sectors attending with deep dive sessions to broaden the horizon and start-up pitches to experience the latest breakthroughs.

Also, EventHorizon breaks new ground when it comes to the event experience, explores new event possibilities and interacts on new levels never seen before.

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