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Solved introduces ‘Solved Together’, a new collaboration tool for business ecosystems

We are proud to announce that we have launched a new service called Solved Together. Now our clients can solve their sustainability challenges even more efficiently.

“Solved Together is a collaboration tool for business ecosystems. We offer it to our clients as a monthly subscription”, says CEO Janne Hietaniemi, Solved – The Cleantech Company.

According to the United Nations, multidisciplinary collaboration is a key to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the most ambitious multilateral goals ever set. With the help of Solved, organizations and experts can collaborate easily and make things happen.

Solved Together – collaboration platform serves as an engagement and project coordination tool

Solved Together helps sustainability networks create value through collaboration. The service brings together projects, partners, investors and technology providers. It enables users to build own ecosystems of sustainability partners and stakeholders, and cultivate strategic alliances across private, public and finance sectors. You can make the platform truly yours with customization elements, such as adding your brand colors and logo, and defining your own thematic work categories.

“There are tens of thousands of cities, communities, companies and other organizations who want to go digital. Solved Together is a solution for them. It is a digital platform for business ecosystems. The ecosystems can customize the look and feel of the platform, engage their members, manage the community and projects – and above all, co-create the value”, says Janne Hietaniemi.

Solved Together comes out in the beginning of 2018 and is now available for pre-order at discounted price of 645 €/month! To learn more, visit or request a demo at

Solved Advisory – harness the expertise available across multiple cleantech disciplines 

Another one of our services is Solved Advisory. We have been providing the service to our clients for four years with good success. Solved Advisory helps organizations who face complex challenges that require sustainable solutions. We provide a way to harness the expertise available across multiple cleantech disciplines to achieve economic and sustainability gains.

Solved Advisory is an ideal complimentary service to Solved Together since it serves as a source for additional expertise and backstopping for any project at any time. Our expert pool of over 2500 professionals is hosted on the same platform providing anyone using Solved Together with instant access to a large knowledge base.

“Advanced cities and companies use advisory boards to enrich their sustainability thinking. The problem is that traditional advisory boards are slow, but challenges and opportunities are complex and vary a lot. Specific expertise, sparring and second opinions are needed quickly in day-to-day decision making”, says Janne Hietaniemi.

Whether your challenge is small or complex, we’ll help you build a multidisciplinary team, whose skill-set matches your needs. You also get access to a growing pool of global cleantech experts, and all of them are easily contracted to any of your cases or projects. We also provide facilitation support and advice.

You can test the service here:

Challenges are solved together

As a cleantech advisory service founded in 2013, Solved has already been used to solve hundreds of sustainability challenges and accumulated experience that the best solutions are born within networks that involve actors from different domains.

We want to help sustainability networks build easily manageable online ecosystems where matchmaking, co-creating and launching of new projects, as well as tracking them is fast, easy and goal-oriented.