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Solved receives Young Innovative Company funding – and is now seeking new partners to grow faster


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Solved was selected for Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding programme. Solved will use the funding to boost internationalization, platform development and community building.

Solved has been selected for Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company (YIC) programme. The funding aims to accelerate the global growth of the most ambitious, rapidly growing startups in Finland.

“The screening was very strict, and we are happy that Solved was selected. Solved had proven its international scalability and has a clear plan to grow in global markets,” says Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO, Solved.

Solved is an on-demand, sustainability advisory service with a digital co-creation platform. Solved has two scalable products: Solved Together, co-creation and engagement platform with customization features – and Solved Advisory, multidisciplinary advisory on demand.

The maximum funding is €1.25 million and the funding is granted in three phases after meeting the growth targets agreed with Business Finland.

“Now we are able to invest even more in international growth, community building and the development of the platform,” Hulkkonen says.

Enormous demand for sustainable solutions

Currently Solved’s key markets are in Europe and North America. Asia will be discovered in 2019. Solved and its experts work with cities, industries and organizations, because they have a key role when fighting for the sustainability. Solved has already 2500 experts in 70 countries. So far, Solved has done over 460 projects around the world.

“Solved’s platform finds you the best expert team and proven solutions. Experts are not only consultants but city developers, industry experts, researchers and authorities. Co-creating with multidisciplinary team of ten experts brings much more impact than when you work with one person or company only. Dozens of cities are already using Solved’s ‘flash teams’ to find climate solutions and for learning from each other,” says Hulkkonen.

Investor round is now open

Solved’s monthly recurring revenue (MRR) has been growing in double digit figures, and now the company is also planning a private investment round in order to multiply monthly recurring revenue.

“Solved is a perfect match for investors looking for a scalable platform and tech business, and saving the world at the same time,” says Pia Erkinheimo, Solved’s Chairman of the Board.

Many global organisations with huge city and company networks, such as United Smart Cities and Energy Web Foundation, are already using the platform, and thus Solved has proven its global potential to scale up fast.

In order to grow faster, Solved has opened a new investor round.

“We are looking for an investment of up to EUR 1 million in 2018 and an investor with whom we can grow internationally big time, and also plan and execute the next investment round,” continues Erkinheimo.

More information:

Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO and Co-Founder, Solved – The Cleantech Company, +358 50 373 2895, [email protected]

Pia Erkinheimo, Chairman of the Board, Solved – The Cleantech Company, +358 50 487 1417, [email protected]

Business Finland (formerly Tekes) selects the most promising, rapidly growing startup companies for its Young Innovation Company funding programme. The companies have typically been in operation for at least three years. Since 2008, a total of 361 Finnish startups have been selected to the Young Innovative Company funding programme. So far 108 companies have reached the demanding goals and completed all the three funding phases.

Solved – The Cleantech Company is a world’s leading on-demand sustainability advisory service and digital collaboration platform. Solved provides a digital co-creation platform as a service for project ideation and development. Solved will quickly mobilize experienced multidisciplinary teams using its network of 2500 experts. Solved’s expert-on-demand offering is a complete solution for avoiding bottlenecks in projects and activities. Solved was established as a company in May 2013. Solved has offices in Bratislava, Helsinki, Oulu and Žilina. More information: