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Solved 2017 recap – the year of cities, solutions and collaboration

Photo by Sanwal Deen on Unsplash

What a year this has been! We have met hundreds of clients, experts and partners and developed our tailored offerings. The journey began in 2013, and now we have found the right path.

In 2017, the foundation of the future was laid out. Solved has improved its processes and customized digital platform, and expanded operations in Europe, North America and Asia. Solved has become a global player in the sustainable development. Thanks to all of you for your kind participation and support.

Here are some of our most memorable moments from the year 2017.

Solving complex challenges with cities

In 2017, we focused on cities and towns, and created scalable solutions to make local strengths bloom. Cities are making great things, and there are more and more people who work for the better future. We are happy to collaborate with the best cities, towns and global networks, such as United Smart Cities and The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Working across borders

The volatile state of international relations was intensifie, but in general the world wants to make things smarter and more efficiently: to use resources better and actively solve problems. The world is developing despite the societal uncertainty in certain parts of the word. At the same there exists strong international will to solve sustainability challenges.

We are all problem solvers

Solved’s biggest asset is the expert community. A huge thanks to our experts for making sustainability a reality. These experts work in all industries, such as, design, architecture, urban planning, financing, biology, energy and transportation.

Meeting hundreds of people and organizations

This year we have met lots of interesting and enthusiastic people coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds. We have also participated many spectacular events. We have seen that diversity really improves collaborative problem-solving.

Continuous learning, continuous development

The platform economy is based on interactions of many actors. Solved is tailorable platform, and this year we have been developing our services. In December 2017 we have launched a new service called Solved Together (build and manage your sustainability ecosystem with our customizable platform, request a demo). Another one of our services is Solved Advisory (top cleantech experts at your fingertips, get in touch), the service that our clients have enjoyed for four years.

In 2018, we will keep on growing as a leading on-demand sustainability advisory platform and community. We welcome everyone to join the community and enjoy the new way of work. Solved will continue improving people’s life by developing smart solutions with the most talented experts.