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Complex sustainability challenges are solved by on-demand expert teams

Our city has a plan to get a tram and year-round bicycle connections between the university campus and downtown. It will be the smartest city boulevard ever seen in the Arctic region. It’s nice that Solved could bring us the best architects, but can you also get us to work together with the cities that have been there and done that?

The quote above was given recently by the highly respected urban planner employed by a city. This made us to dig deeper into the Solved’s core promise “Collaborate with the best cleantech experts online”.  

So, who are the best cleantech experts? Are they consultants from the big agencies or small and specialized engineering companies – or freelancers? Yes, they are.

But none of them are sufficient alone. The best cleantech experts are also the employees of the other municipalities who have experience of building smart cities. They are citizens who have been in early “focus groups” or who have been active in taking ideas alive in their neighborhoods. 

We want to make it easy to find top experts

Current Solved’s cleantech advisory service was launched in November 2013. Since that it has served hundreds of projects and more than 2000 experts all over the world.

Sustainability challenges are complex – and complex issues require systemic solutions and a holistic approach. This in turn demands for an iterative process and multi-disciplinary teams.

We want to bring together experts, researchers, citizens and public actors with legal, technological, financial, social and political aspects – to name some of them.

Solved is currently developing the new version of the Solved platform. One of the coolest features will be a more sophisticated advisory-on-demand (AOD) service. You can easily find the best experts from our pool of trusted experts to solve your complex challenge.

Our ultimate goal is to help clients leverage cleantech solutions and offer improved work opportunities for our community of experts. 

We help them to do this in a short period of time and a cost-effective manner. No matter where our clients are, they are able to build their on-demand dream teams with the exact skill set needed to solve their specific problems fast and easy.

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