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SOLVED, an online advisory service and collaboration platform, has raised €1,1 million – “Our responsibility is to fight climate change together”, says SOLVED’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen


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The green economy growth company SOLVED has raised approximately €1,1 million in its two investment rounds.

SOLVED closed the second investment round at the end of September 2018 together with investors including Avanto Ventures, LC Ventures, Pöyry and business angels, among them David Kirp and Pia Erkinheimo. Over ten investors from three countries has invested in SOLVED. In addition, SOLVED was selected for Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding program earlier this year.

“We are the world’s leading on-demand sustainability advisory service and digital collaboration platform for sustainability ecosystems, projects and expertise. We have grown fast and we will continue entering new markets, developing co-working platform and building expert community with the help of machine learning”, SOLVED’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen says.

SOLVED is on the way to double its turnover for 2019. The company will continue to expand its operations in Europe and the United States.

SOLVED has proven its potential to scale up as a global platform and service for green economy ecosystems, projects and expertise. The experts have contributed to hundreds of sustainability projects all around the world.

The network of experts collaborates with industries, cities and organizations as they play a key role in solving challenges that the world and humanity face today.

“SOLVED accelerates problem solving by ensuring a fast and trustworthy way to identify with the right experts for the challenges and engage them on a scalable co-creation platform. SOLVED’s platform is easily configurable to enable existing ecosystem to operate digitally. Complementary expertise can be purchased on-demand”, SOLVED’s Chairman of the Board Pia Erkinheimo says.

SOLVED’s new clients, such as Pöyry, an international consulting and engineering company with 5500 experts, are extensively using the customizable advisory and collaboration platform.

“SOLVED is a pioneer in the new ways of working in the advisory industry. SOLVED has developed a customizable co-creation platform. The new platform enables us to be even more agile and flexible, and provide maximum impact to our clients while improving our internal and external resource efficiency”, Pöyry’s CFO Juuso Pajunen says.

What unites SOLVED with its customers and society is the urgency to solve complex challenges.

“We believe that the future of work is flexible collaboration of multidisciplinary teams on digital platforms. Our responsibility is to fight climate change together. SOLVED speeds up co-creation of different stakeholders, and helps to find the right resources and collaboration tools”, Hulkkonen concludes.

For further information, contact:

Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO and Co-Founder, SOLVED, +358 50 373 2895, [email protected]

Pia Erkinheimo, Chairman of the Board, SOLVED, +358 50 487 1417, [email protected]

Juuso Pajunen, CFO, Pöyry PLC, +358 10 332 6632, [email protected]

SOLVED in brief

SOLVED is a world’s leading on-demand advisory and digital collaboration platform in the field of green economy. SOLVED will quickly mobilize experienced multidisciplinary teams using its network of more than 3000 experts in 70 countries. The company provides a digital co-creation platform as a service for project ideation and development. SOLVED’s expert-on-demand offering is a complete solution for avoiding bottlenecks in projects and activities. SOLVED was established as a company in 2013. SOLVED has offices in Bratislava, Helsinki, Oulu and Žilina.

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