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Solved goes Impact with Lightyear Acceleration

Our societies and environment are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Traditional structures and operating models do not completely keep up with the change.

Within this change one can identify several environmental and social problems that current, traditional-minded organizations cannot tackle with sufficient impact and agility.

Various actors who put their effort in for a better tomorrow are unified with the same ambition. The goal is to secure the well-being of everyone, even in the world of tomorrow. Why shouldn’t we take our best knowledge and deliver it globally?

Solved has taken up to this challenge with a co-operative with Lightyear Acceleration.


We have developed a program where we use our & our partners’ core competencies to provide the Lightyear Acceleration Impact Hatchery program to organizations that are aiming for impact. As a result of this Hatchery program, our societies have more sophisticated organizations whose conditions for acting with more impact are better.

We want to promote the positive development and expansion of the Nordic welfare model from the point of view of entrepreneurship and the development of competence of existing organizations.

With the program, organizations are more prepared to work with impact, providing effective solutions to the challenges they’ve identified.

In addition, we are creating options for new kind of investing, offering better investment opportunities for those interested in impact investing.

This is an invitation to unite our strength to create truly sustainable solutions to tomorrow’s challenges! Read more at