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Solved expert team helped San Diego County to choose the right renewable energy provider

Water is in the middle of debate in San Diego and throughout Southern California. San Diego County Water Authority chose Solved to find holistic solutions to current challenges.

San Diego County Water Authority is planning to design and construct a new renewable energy generation and storage facility at its Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant in California.

Water Authority requested proposals to provide planning, design, construction, permitting, and operations and maintenance services for renewable energy generation and storage systems on up to 20 acres at Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant.

The task was highly complex since the project should include all renewable energy generation and storage equipment necessary to generate, store and deliver energy. The target of the project was to find out which renewable energy generation and storage technologies will minimize installation and operating costs and maximize avoided cost and revenue opportunities for the Water Authority. The project included proposals for related business structures and contractual agreement models.

This is where Solved steps in: a holistic solution

San Diego County Water Authority used an on-demand Solved expert team to analyze and holistically evaluate selected project proposals providing a multi-disciplinary perspective – technology, finance, business, local and international – and to make recommendations regarding the best possible solution provider for the project.

“Proposed experts performed the highest caliber of work on a very tight schedule. Based on the analysis and evaluation of the Solved experts, we were able to deepen our understating about the complexity of the proposed technologies and related business models, and in particular, their long-term implications”, says Kelly L. Rodgers, PhD, Energy Program Manager, San Diego County Water Authority.

Kelly L. Rodgers was very pleased with the efficiency of Solved.

“We are now confident to proceed with one selected candidate to design and execute the project on renewable energy generation and storage system at Twin Oaks Valley WTP. In addition to the highly skilled expert team, we were impressed with the Solved platform as it helped us communicate real time with all team members throughout the project.”