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Our Purpose: Solved will change the way things are done – locally and globally

The world is changing faster than at any time in human history. The two key drivers are climate change and the change of work. The first one is a threat – and the second one is an opportunity.

Climate change is mainly due to the fact that unsustainable economic growth leads to exploitation of natural resources and environmental side-effects. Unsustainable economic growth makes the world unstable and us vulnerable. In 2017, The Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humans have used up more natural resources that can be replenished in a year, came earlier than before. We need to change the way we think and act to stop the current development.

At the same time, technology will change the future of work. Expert work will be time- and place-independent. Robots will do manual and physical labor, and knowledge work and services will be done through digital platforms. The AI technology will learn and teach itself and us humans.

Humans consume more than the Earth can give but we can stop and reverse the trend. This can be done by local, sustainable actions that are environmentally positive. Environmentally positive actions create well-being while improving the environment.

At a general level, we already have existing solutions. The question is: How these solutions can be scaled to support sustainable growth business models all over the world?

The high level answer is: Multidisciplinary co-creation. The more detailed answer is: Put local and global experts work together to solve local challenges with world-class professional expertise on a case-by-case and project-by-project basis.

In today’s world, technology is not limiting us as much as attitudes and outdated practices. However, we can solve complex challenges by creating a diverse team, including:

  • A Client – represents needs and knows their business and processes.
  • World-class experts – ability to see the root of the problem, concretize the problem and create the first steps of the solution.
  • Local experts – ability to see the local characteristics and roots of the problem.
  • A Facilitator – guides, provides tools and creates a framework for successful co-operation.

To solve the challenges of climate change, the world needs a service that:

  1. Matches and manages demand and supply fairly and efficiently.
  2. Is able to find the best experts in the world – beyond the traditional organizational, business or geographical boundaries.
  3. Enables experts to work as a team to solve the challenge.

The service is closer than you think. Solved is a platform – and a new way of work – designed to find projects (digital presence and customized/branded platform), connect experts (team-building algorithm) and solve the challenges faster and more efficiently (collaboration environment and business transactions).

This is Solved.

Solved – How it works from Solved on Vimeo.

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