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Introducing Åsa Hedman, Solved Business Lead from Porvoo, Finland

Hello Åsa! Could you tell us who are you and where do you come from?

I am a 39,9  year old energy expert, mother, wife, environmentalist, sailor, gym enthusiast and champagne lover. I come from Porvoo, a small town close to the capital of Finland.

What do you do for a living?

I am an entrepreneur. I run a consultancy company, Sustecon Ltd ( that offers consultancy and R&D services in the field of sustainable built environment.

What is the most interesting thing you have solved at Solved?

Leading the project digital market dialogue where we facilitated an online development process with over 20 energy companies to find new innovative energy solutions for a new residential district in Espoo, Finland. Development of an off-grid solution for Vallisaari in Helsinki was also an interesting project finding and analyzing solutions for off-grid energy, water and waste solutions for an island.

What kind of projects do you like most? Why?

Long term partnership with clients where we solve problems together with the clients. Facilitating the development process in the companies and supporting them, rather than giving ready solutions to their desks.

Doing projects in developing countries feels very awarding since it feels that it makes a real difference. You also learn a lot from such projects when working with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

What would you like to work with next?

Being part of solving energy challenges in developing countries is very high on my “wish list”.

Then let´s play a  little: What things come to your mind from these words?

Water? Indonesias polluted rivers

Sun? Solar electricity. And laying on the beach having a drink.

Project? Good news.

Clothing? Necessary, especially in Finlands climate.

Beauty? Is in the eyes of the beholder.

Men? Are often easy to work with.

Bicycle? Have one ultralight for sale, interested?

Home? Is where your loved ones are.


Thanks Åsa, we are also looking forward to solved next challenges together!

Åsa Hedman, one of the most valued Solved Business Leads.

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