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Greetings to smart cities from the Metro Online 2017 Conference

Solved´s Heikki Ojaniemi joined Metro On Line 2017 Conference together with Radoslav Mizera to build networks, to share success stories from Oulu and to learn about smart city development in Poprad in May. The event has been held annually since 2006 and it has gained success incresing amount of participants every year since then. They had a chance to discuss with Poprad city representatives Mayor Jozef Svagerko and vice mayor Igor Wzos to share best practices.

The main focus in these many discussions was about developing smart city solutions, which provide better quality of life for citizens in the city of Poprad.

This 3-day event was dedicated to municipal representatives and Telco operators from Central Europe, with the presence of Smart City and Telco StartUp scene. Participants had opportunities to learn about high-tec products for the passive and active infrastructure, telecommunication devices and technological processes for building and operation of telco networks. On panel discussions joined representatives from broadband streaming services, municipal representatives, global technology leaders and television and telecommunication associations.

In addition to strictly business objectives, listening to interesting discussions and great presentations, lively panels, there were variety of shows and other Slovakian entertainment. Annual high-light was of course the pool-party on Thursday night, the party that one has to come and experience by herself.  A colleague who missed the MetroOnline conference put it nicely; “I have been going to all wrong seminars – next year it´ll will be MetroOnline”.

Heikki Ojaniemi (from Oulu) gave a presentation about Oulu Smart City practices, which provide its citizens improved quality of life and various business opportunities.  Oulu is happy to be a benchmark on its behalf for any city looking for examples in smart city solutions. City of Poprad is leading the Slovak Smart City Cluster and has signed MOU with city of Oulu for the co-operation in SmartCity development.

Heikki Ojaniemi from Solved is being interviewed by local media. Heikki gave a speech about Smart City development and best practices in Oulu. Heikki emphasized 5G development, where city of Oulu is forerunner offering whole city to be a platform for development.


Mayor Jozef Swagerko (in the middle) is giving the opening speech for the conference. Swagerko was envisioning great future for the city of Poprad.


Conference opening had a local Matrix theme space, where guests could re-live the Matrix movie experience.
Radoslav Mizera and Maija Lehtinen (left) discussed with Poprad district heating company´s representatives about possible co-operation in renovating the local district heating network.


Aqua Center was an arena for evening pool party activities such as music and dance shows.


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