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Expert of the Week: Zuzana Vranayova – reducing water consumption and introducing the water-saving culture

Zuzana Vranayova is a water engineer for buildings and university professor.

Zuzana Vranayova

“I want to contribute to the environment of our cities. The main challenge of the third millennium is to reduce water consumption and to introduce the water-saving culture in the context of climate change.”

She says that there are no many studies taken about the influence of buildings transformation to green living system. This is a big challenge for me and my research team, Zuzana concludes.

“Now I am professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University in Kosice, Department of Building Services. During my professional life I was conducting various researches on my major field of study of sustainable and safety water supply and drainage system in buildings.”

She was also actively involved in governmental and academic institutions and committees related to this field of study as chief coordinator and board member.

Recently she has been concentrated on the field of grey and rainwater reuse in the buildings as well as green roofs and walls study.

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