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Expert of the Week: Zoran Poljanec – drones can help the environment

Solved’s Expert of the Week Zoran Poljanec is a biologist who has been working as an environmental protection expert in Croatia for the last decade. Zoran works as an authorized project manager on various legally obligated environmental protection documentation.

Zoran Poljanec
Zoran Poljanec

“Being an environmental protection expert for many years now, solving challenges is my main goal and at the same time, a tool for being successful in reconciling development and environmental protection. I believe that strict prohibitions are not the right way to go if we want to achieve sustainable development. Instead, we need to find the right solutions for every specific project.”

Zoran is an expert in environmental zero-state analysis and defining impacts on all parts of environment, especially flora and fauna. He wants to get more and more involved in finding solutions to specific environmental problems.

“One part that I am especially interested in is use of drones in environmental protection because their use with different sensors is almost unlimited when it comes to environment and nature protection.”

Zoran says that experts used to have typical solutions to typical problems. In some cases they worked well, but in other cases they haven’t give expected results.

“Today, we know that every project is unique because of its geographic location which defines specific environmental conditions. Nowadays projects and their technologies change really fast but so does the environment so we have to be up to date with latest findings in all those fields and try to think out of the box, so we could find and use new methods and technologies to be more and more successful in environmental protection.”