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Expert of the Week: Zuzana Kopajova – the desire to improve should come from within and not to be imposed

Solved’s Expert of the Week Zuzana Kopajova says that if a situation seems stalled or hopeless, it might just require a bit more time. The desire to improve should come from within and not to be imposed. Sometimes it is smart just to observe the development rather than controlling it. This is a real challenge for a problem solver, but teaches us a lot about modesty, optimism and trust, she says. 

“Solving challenges gives me a great sense of self fulfilment and empowerment. It is basically my inherent human need to be useful, so if I can in any minor way contribute with my experience, qualities and knowledge to a greater good it feels rewarding.”

Zuzana says that what really motivates her is the moment, when a challenge can be considered solved and she can tick it off and move on to a next one.

“It is fantastic to see a result that I can be proud of and belong to a team of experts that can take the credit for the successful solution.”

Zuzana’s professional field is diplomacy and she has a background in transboundary water management and environmental security.

“A great problem solver in my field of expertise is patient, listens, stays neutral and avoids bias, invites all involved parties to the debating table, thinks outside of the box and tries to find win-win situations for the future development and generations.”