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Expert of the Week: Zoltan Pasztory – promoting safety and knowledge management culture

Zoltan Pasztory has more than 30 years’ experience in nuclear industry working in the areas of maintenance, operations, technical support, project management and organization development. 

“When I first met a representative of Solved, I said this is the big opportunity to merge my network of experts and those who were registered and support the sustainable challenges through Solved.”

Having the right knowledge in the right time at the right place bring companies the competative advantage. Efficient knowledge management practices bring more income and it reduces costs. This is Zoltan’s primary goal and he wants to convince the customers  into organizing these following actions when managing projects:

“First of all you have to be open to any solutions which can support the goals of the project. Find the best experts in the network. Provide and leave enough time for the preparation and study different alternative solutions. Communicate and share all relevant information with your team. Organize a lessons learned session after finishing the project. And be honest and open with your team and with the customer.”

Zoltan says that he will use his skills and competences obtained during the 31 years of his nuclear industry to help small and medium-sized companies – and sometimes bigger ones – to understand the importance of the safety culture, knowledge management, process management, leadership and strategic planning.