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Expert of the Week: Rita Isiba with passion for the art and science in business

Solved’s Expert of the Week is Rita Isiba. She has a passion for the art and science of business, facilitating a deal and brainstorming. 

“Coupled with my life’s calling to make a social impact, I focus on opportunities for profitable sustainability initiatives. I understand what procedures are required to attract stakeholder’s attention.  I have a keen sense for trends and solid knowledge about current affairs in Africa and in Europe.”

She has spent a great deal of her professional life, analyzing and exploring consumer markets to form marketing strategies for enterprises across Europe, East and West Africa.

“As a European with African origin, I have experienced firsthand the sustainability challenges and among other things, the demands for cleantech solutions, particularly for Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. I am fortunate to tap into my intercontinental expert network to keep updated on the cleantech solutions demanded of these countries.”

Rita says that it is vital to gain deep insights on the consumer profiles on your target markets. You are likely to make a sustainable profit by meeting the needs instead of solely the wants of consumers. If you wish to maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to meet the triple bottom line – finance, social and environmental objectives.

“The ultimate tip is to expand your multi-disciplinary network on- and offline and gather verified information of your target market.”