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Expert of the Week: Otso Tolonen – cooperation is the key to successful sustainable solutions

Solved’s Expert of the Week Otso Tolonen aims to find that sweet spot between business and sustainability – by especially considering environmental factors and latest trends in urban and regional development.

“Over my life, so far, I have lived in five different countries and I have gone through plenty of international schools and programs. Being exposed to international environments from an early age, I have realized that many of the problems we face today are universal issues. I strongly believe that international cross-sectoral cooperation can solve these global challenges.”

Otso has been working with the City of Jyväskylä and Induco Ltd. to promote and develop resource wisdom, a regional operating model for circular economy and regional resiliency. He has discovered ways in which sustainable development models can be scaled to different countries and communities.

“From my perspective, problem solving is a lot about listening and understanding the problem. Oftentimes, if this part of the process is done well, the design of the solution might be simpler than expected. Listening is particularly important when you have a diverse group of experts that can leverage each other’s skills for solutions. One great asset for a problem solver, therefore, is to have great intercultural understanding.”