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Expert of the Week: Ludovit Garzik – “The barriers are not in technology or institutions, they are in our brains”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ludovit Garzik is interested in research and innovation ecosystems. His special interest is in the mindset of people who work in the knowledge sector and who should implement their knowledge into innovation.

“The bigger the challenge the higher my motivation to meet it. I want to tackle the issues right at the root. The barriers are not in technology or institutions, they are in our brains. Our social framework decides to a high amount how we address challenges. I want to develop mindsets of people in order to widen their view on the world.”

Ludovit says that the more we invest this knowledge into sustainability the better. The ecosystem also includes the institutional setting and the governance of these institutions.

“The special way I developed is a cultural experience of diverse global innovation ecosystems. It is called Global Innovation Expert and has modules in Vienna, Nairobi, Shanghai and San Francisco. I am convinced that people who passed through this experience will define their very individual business attitudes in a much different and rewarding way.”

The goal is to learn about the differences of innovation cultures within these ecosystems.

“Open your mind and try to meet people who are not working in your community, you will be able to experience a broadening horizon. As a consequence your toolset to solve challenges will be enriched with lots of new ideas and additionally you will make new friends.”

Read more about Innovation Orbit (PDF): Innovation Orbit Program 2017