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Expert of the Week: Kari I. Mattila – “Ask why, and repeat that at least 5 times, to really get to the root”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Kari I. Mattila has a proven track record on developing and implementing management systems and change programs.

Aside of mastering a great many development tools and systems, he has also developed a very effective tool for implementing new culture and behaviour – Board for Emotions Activating Learning, BfEAL(r).

“My friends say, that there is one way to motivate me, to say to me ‘that cannot be done’. My nature for novel solutions, in search for better ways of working smarter drives me forward. Of course, this is supported by successes, projects and works where I’ve helped people to reach new levels, we have found new ways. At the end of the day, my motivation comes from the faces of people, who have accomplished something special.”

I have a pretty wide experience, both geographic and business sector, being able to bring right questions to the situation and seeing people solve them is a major part of my drive.

Kari says that quality and environmental system implementation require good understanding of the system chosen, ability to adapt the system to the business environment and competence to deliver the tools for implementation and further development.

“In my field – developing leadership and management systems – like in any field, there are two steps in solving problems. First get to the root cause, this means that, you need to ask yourself ‘why’, and keeping the target in mind, then put the answer aside, write it down, and go deeper asking again ‘why’. Repeat that at least 5 times, to really get to the root. The second step is to leave your home ground. Leave your business and see how other businesses have solved their problems. For example, a Finnish ice hockey team looked at air travel service providers to see how they attract customers. Adopt, adapt and improve.”