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Expert of the Week: Elina Wanne – problem solvers aren’t born, they learn by doing

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Wanne is a materials scientist with strong desire to create happiness in sustainable society.

“Recycling and circular economy are my true loves. I also get tickling of energy efficiency and bigger entities like sustainability in construction and smart cities.”

Elina has worked as a scientist and in advisor role, thus she has seen many sides of business life from supervising ones interest, standardization to creating new things by research.

“We have to find the way to bring up systemic change and ecosystem thinking. To be able to create new sometimes means that you need to destroy old ones. It won’t be one event, report or speech but it can happen if we slowly can promote new kind of thinking as a whole.”

Elina says that problem solvers aren’t born, they learn by doing. She says that problem-solving should be based on strong expertise, but also networks are important for personal development.

“I believe in multidisciplinary networks of experts. Multidisciplinary expertise is needed to tackle today’s big challenges.”