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Expert of the Week: Anneli Fischer – fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange on a global level

Credit: Pixabay
Anneli Fischer

Solved’s Expert of the Week Anneli Fischer says that her passion is to lead projects which should empower organizations to manage social, environmental, and financial resources efficiently and sustainably.

Anneli has several years of experience in international business and supply chain management, where her focus has been strategic and operative organizational development and process management.

Anneli says that she wants to move things forward and grow as a person.

“I am convinced that in order to take on the environmental and social challenges, we need to foster cooperation and knowledge exchange on a global level.”

In the last few years, she has specialized in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in terms of integration of environmental, social, and financial criteria into strategies of organizations and their processes. Anneli says that it’s important to have a vision which is contagious to others and to have the grit to move a project forward and keep everyone involved motivated and focused.

“Not only to work with people who thinks the same as you, but to be open to different views, attitudes and expertise. Hence, to optimize and empower the advantages of diverse teams.”