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Expert of the Week: Veronika Hlinicanova – “A great problem solver has a well-set moral compass”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Veronika Hlinicanova is currently leading ‘Vivid Square’, a project of urban regeneration and placemaking in Bratislava.

Veronika Hlinicanova
Veronika Hlinicanova

Veronika says that her motivation dwells in an awareness that one of the greatest challenges we are entering into is a new technological age. New landscapes of knowledge are introduced through digital and technological revolution and cities are becoming new hubs for innovation.

“Emerging sensor technologies are transforming them into hybrids of physical and digital environments. This is the concept of smart cities being established in megacities. However, this phenomenon has its blind spots, which triggers my curiosity, creativity but also a critical voice. People are becoming ‘digital subjects’, which can be monitored, tracked, controlled and commodified and I think it is my vocation to react to this phenomenon.”

Veronika is finalizing her practice-based PhD research at Aalto University School of Arts, Architecture and Design. Her doctoral research involves the study of sacred space, body and architecture with the focus on placemaking and the city. She says that curiosity and creativity are the triggers of problem-solving.

“A great problem solver has to have a deep and rigorous knowledge of the problem, good research skills and effectivity but moreover has to have a well-set moral compass, virtuous goal which serves the common good and a perseverance.”