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Expert of the Week: Taina Haapamäki – integrating traditional and new mobility services

Solved’s Expert of the Week Taina Haapamäki is a transportation professional with 10+ combined years of specializing in transport infrastructure appraisal, policy and technology assessment, feasibility studies, transport systems analysis, transport modeling, travel demand forecasting, transport planning and project management.

Taina Haapamäki
Taina Haapamäki

“I’m also a founding partner at FLOU, a company established in 2016. FLOU is an agile, urban research and consulting firm, with focus on companies and organizations that operate in or around the fields of transportation and mobility.”

FLOU’s customers include the government, cities and private companies that offer mobility services. The company specializes in strategy and decision supporting analyses. Their strength lies in comprehensive modelling and transport system knowledge.

“FLOU offers expertise on planning and integrating traditional and new mobility services as a part of land use and transport systems. In our analysis we utilize a wide range of commercial and self-developed tools.”