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Expert of the Week: Sourav Adhikari – creating an alternative to plastic straws

Solved’s Expert of the Week Sourav Adhikari’s goal is to engage with startups and corporations with new business ideas and help them find the solution to their problems to develop a sustainable business model.

Sourav Adhikari
Sourav Adhikari

Currently, Sourav is working for a startup, which is developing a natural and sustainable farm product that could replace the plastic straws.

“I loved the idea because I had never heard of this kind of an idea before. Also, considering the fact that close to 190 tons of plastic is disposed every day in the form of plastic straws, this idea is the closest to a perfect solution.”

During his MBA at Hult International Business School he participated in Hult Impact Challenge.

“Our clients, Philips Lighting wanted to capture business opportunity of Circular Economy for their commercial lighting business by offering lighting as a service. It would help them derive value form waste and reduce their exposure to the volatile resource market. I developed a sustainable business model where the stakeholders included building management companies, Electrical system installers and super markets.”