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Expert of the Week: Shakil Regmi – creating mathematical links between the various dimensions of environment


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Shakil Regmi

Shakil Regmi’s passion is renewable energy, water and environment friendly infrastructure development through research.

He wants to understand and create mathematical links between the various dimensions of environment to analyze the situation with respect to environment.

“At Engineering and Environmental Research Centre I manage and design energy and pollution related research activities. With specialized focus on renewable energy and environmental management, I provide consulting services in environment friendly development and infrastructure projects.”

With intuition derived educational path in environmental engineering, he completed the degree programme from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.

“To connect the technology and social aspects I pursued my education in Environmental Education as a Master in Education and to specify my point of research I am pursuing PhD in Climate Science and Environmental Psychology from MLU, Germany with field site focused in the Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese Himalayas with specific attention to Eastern Nepal.”

Shakil has been working in renewable energy research, development projects and water, air quality monitoring and modelling.

“Currently I am also developing environmental literacy platform for the Nepalese society along with various other projects.”

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