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Expert of the Week: Riina Mikkonen – “True value is created together with the users, not by guessing”

Riina Mikkonen is passionate about sustainable spaces and experience design.

Riina Mikkonen

“Sustainable future and challenging the conventional is my passion and the only way to live and work. People don’t need any new materia for fun, but what we need are better solutions for fluent everyday life.”

Riina helps companies and public sector. She solves challenges through design thinking and wants to create profitable and standout user experiences.  

Riina is also interested in space optimization, and indoor environmental quality and user well-being.

How to become a great problem solver?

“Dig deep under the surface and involve the stakeholders in design to understand the true needs and desires of people for new solutions, true value and best innovations are created together with the users, not by guessing and repeating the way things have always been done.”

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