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Expert of the Week: Susanna Kiijärvi – “When looking for financing, a combination of expertise, persistence and an ambitious vision is needed”

Expert of the Week Susanna Kiijärvi is an entrepreneurial spirit specialised in international public financing, using business intelligence to shape sustainable strategies, identifying new intriguing ideas and turning them to viable business plans and proposals. 

“Due to my area of expertise in project financing, I am privileged to be able to work with many different challenges – not only in cleantech but also for example in environmental protection and healthcare – areas which all contribute to solving some of the biggest global challenges of today. This variation keeps my professional life extremely motivating.”

She has worked with a wide array of clients ranging from SMEs and NGOs to large international organisations such as European Commission, European Parliament, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, London School of Economics and NATO.

Throughout her career, she has been involved in gaining international funding of over €100 million for various projects extending over six continents in the sectors of international development and research consulting.

She is looking forward to participate in solving challenges in the following areas: international financing, business case development, project management, market research design and management, and training.

“When looking for financing, a combination of strong expertise and persistence as well as an ambitious vision is needed. When there is a great idea or project that is properly conceptualized, there will be financing for it. One just has to be prepared to take a few set-backs and also dare to look for financing from different and sometimes unlikely sources.”