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Expert of the Week: Stephen Kenihan – improving the quality of people’s local environment


Solved’s Expert of the Week Stephen Kenihan is an environment and development adviser. He has over 15 years experience in the management of energy and greenhouse gas emissions in the not-for-profit and private sectors. 

Stephen lives in Canberra, Australia, but nearly all his work in the past decade has been in Southeast Asia. Stephen says that his focus has been Indonesia, being the closest country to Australia and also one facing significant environmental and economic challenges.

“I am interested in projects that improve the quality of people’s local environment while promoting economic growth in order to alleviate poverty.”

Stephen’s experiences in Southeast Asia motivated him to return to university in 2014 to complete a Master of Environmental Management and Development.

“I chose the Australian National University, and relocated to Canberra from Melbourne, due to its focus on the Asia Pacific region. A key outcome I successfully gained from the course was developing a network of contacts throughout the region to utilize in future work.”