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Expert of the Week: Ravi Mikkelsen – “We must switch to system thinking rather than individual solutions thinking”


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Solved’s Expert of the Week Ravi Mikkelsen has been in clean energy for just about half of his life now, working on different technologies, for different customer sectors, and in different countries. 

“I enjoy the act of solving challenges – figuring out how all of the puzzle pieces fit together, the flows of energy and people through the system, and then developing and testing multiple solutions to each challenge before our ultimate selection and activation of the chosen solution.”

He says that in the case of climate change and energy transition, not only are these really interesting and complicated challenges to solve, but they are arguably the most important challenges for us to work on right now.

Ravi’s specialty lies in understanding how the complex flows of a system operates, whether it is a machine, a company’s website signup process, a governmental initiative to increase use of clean energy. By utilizing an understanding in human behavioral drivers and barriers, he helps clients to remove friction and increase their customers’ delight in their projects.

“To be a great problem solver in this area of climate change we must switch to system thinking rather than individual solutions thinking. This will give us not only a more comprehensive and robust solution, but will also bring in more experts to join our cause.”

According to him, there will be no one single solution for all of the areas and so we need to get all of our neighbors and colleagues engaged.

“Be enthusiastic, be optimistic, and be inclusive, especially of those workers who are currently in the fossil fuels industry and help them to become champions for change as well.”