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Expert of the Week: Petri Ojanen – insulation makes a difference

Credit: AI Leino / Pixabay

Solved’s Expert of the Week Petri Ojanen is a HVAC and energy engineer, specialized in technical insulation. The term HVAC refers to the three disciplines of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. 

Previously, Petri has worked in the Nordic Countries for seven years. He also has experience in sales and technical support, and Estonian market.

“I have become an experienced professional on technical insulation. Now I want to share my knowledge and make better and more cost-efficiency insulation solutions.”

Petri says that to be a great problem solver, you need to have an open mind and human touch.

“Get involved with concrete cases without fear. Discuss and get involved with other parties connected to solutions, and share the idea of doing it better and more sustainable.”

Main photo credit: AI Leino / Pixabay