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Expert of the Week: Niklas Kaskeala – protecting our winters for the future

Solved’s Expert of the Week Niklas Kaskeala is the founder of Protect Our Winters Finland, the Finnish affiliate of the international Protect Our Winters movement. 

The mission of the movement is to engage and mobilize the snowsports community to lead the fight against climate change. They focus on educational initiatives, advocacy, community-based activism and working together with the snowports industry.

“Basically if we don’t solve the biggest problem of our time, climate change, we’re going to be screwed. That’s a good motivator in itself. Also I’m motivated by bringing different stakeholders together to solve our environmental challenges. We need a multi-stakeholder approach that involves businesses, civil society, politicians and most importantly people. I’m a strong believer in multi-stakeholder campaigns and projects that inspire people to become more active.”

Niklas is an environmental campaigner with a mission to get more people engaged in solving our environmental problems. He has a strong background in different environmental and development NGO’s.

“Expand your bubble. You might be surprised to find how many different actors have common goals when it comes to solving our environmental crisis.”

He says that we can only be successful in tackling our current environmental problems, most importantly climate change, if we engage people and businesses to demand systemic changes in our societies.