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Expert of the Week: Konsta Sirvio – road condition forecasting and maintenance work optimization

Solved’s Expert of the Week Konsta Sirvio defended his dissertation “Advances in predictive maintenance planning of roads by empirical models” in October 2017. 

In the dissertation, several machine learning methods were applied and compared for road condition forecasting and maintenance work optimization.

Konsta says that his main future interest is on improving management and processes by using collected data with predictive and optimization methods packaged in user-friendly software. His focus domain will remain mainly in the transport sector.

“I would get bored doing mundane routine work, but I get great satisfaction in discovery and learning – the main drivers in solving challenges. There is no practical upper limit in the size and quantity of challenges in the world. When I was younger, I wanted to solve them all. Fortunately, my personal limit was set as transport sector challengers chose me. If you have one, throw it at me and let’s solve it together.”

Konsta has 17 years work experience from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, France, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Angola and Nigeria in consultancy and research projects.

“The older I get the more I believe in experience until I learn something theoretical for a change and wonder why I didn’t learn it before. The interplay between theory and practice is a must, but not enough. For actual implementation, good social skills and cultural sensitivity are needed.”

Electronic dissertation: