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Expert of the Week: Kata Konstantin – a professional problem solver is adaptable, calm, and humble to others and to the challenge


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Kata Konstantin is a professional lawyer with several years of experience in the fields of energy and environmental law, not to mention the waste management sector.

From October 2014 till March 2015 she worked at the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA) analysing the actual problems of energy efficiency, energy storage, CO2 quote system of the EU and the environmental legislation of the EU.

“Professional and also private challenges move me forward: both physically, mentally and emotionally. They show me the way ‘out of the box’, help me to evolve and force me to do that if I wanted to stay still for too long. Facing a challenge gives me a thrill, a prickly feeing, that I have the right answer hidden in myself – otherwise I wouldn’t have met it in my life. Not to mention the satisfaction after I found the way to that answer.”

Later she got to know with the methods of the international waste shipment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. She says that if you want to be a professional problem solver you have to be adaptable, calm, and most importantly humble to others and to the challenge.

“Adapt to the newest conditions as fast as you can. Know and accept that you do not, and cannot always know everything. Be brave to ask, if you need help or have a question, and never forget to learn.”