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Expert of the Week: Michael Hanf – finding the best solutions to sustainability, cleantech and circular economy challenges

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom.

Solved’s Expert of the Week Michael Hanf is an Executive Partner at Taival, an advisory focused on helping companies understand and utilize the disruptive trends that are all around us.

Michael Hanf
Michael Hanf

Michael is working with companies to understand how their business and operating models will change through technological, environmental and societal influences. As a result, he helps them develop new ways of addressing challenges they and their clients are facing to create value for the company as well as the individual and society.

“I believe that we are today facing significant challenges and unprecedented change that we need to address to build a sustainable future for us and for our children. Solving challenges by combining technology as well as business and operating model innovation will allow us to overcome these challenges and in changing the trajectory of the world we live in. That’s why I am passionate about working together with experts from different fields and backgrounds to find the best solutions to sustainability, cleantech and circular economy challenges of today.”

Circular economy and sustainability as two of the major trends facing companies today are close to Michael’s heart as he believes it will be critical to leverage technology and new business and operating models to manage the impact we have on our environment and society. With his background, he can contribute with his deep understanding of business and operating models as well as the opportunities provided by digital technology.

Having worked across industries, with startups as well as large cooperations Michael combines the ability to think and act lean and agile while understanding and considering current business realities. Michael says that it’s important to think out of the box and expose yourself to new people, solutions and fields.

“It is one of the key things that we are living every day at Taival. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to solve challenges and to make our clients more successful. So, if I need to name one thing it would be to stay curious, interested and open to challenge yourself and others to find new, better solutions and to rethink common believes.”