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Expert of the Week: Meaza Cheru – cleaning and greening cities

Solved’s Expert of the Week Meaza Cheru says that her greatest challenge so far was moving to Finland and adjusting to the lifestyle which was completely different from what she was used to.

Meaza Cheru
Meaza Cheru

Meaza was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, the well esteemed departments were engineering and medicine. Meaza chose Civil Engineering, though she didn’t find her passion there. Meaza realized that they did not need any more civil engineers in her city. They needed environmental engineers observing from all the problems the city faced due to the poor environmental management.

Environmental Engineering is not given on a bachelor’s degree level in Ethiopia. Therefore, she decided to search for universities abroad.

“It can be stated that our time is our precious resource. Any other resource can be replaced except our time. How well we use our time can define the quality of work and education we can have.”

Meaza has chosen the area of solid waste management as her aim area to contribute in.

“We suffer from insufficient water supply, inadequate solid waste management, poor sanitation and public services. It has always bothered me to see littered fields, clogged drains and polluted rivers with garbage. My dream is to study and work hard to bring about a tidy, clean and green Addis Ababa to my people.”