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Expert of the Week: Maxim Amosov – “I truly believe that circular economy is only possible by bringing the key actors together”

Maxim Amosov is a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, facilitator and builder in the field of Circular Economy. Maxim is originally from Siberia, and living and working in the Netherlands for the past 11 years.

Maxim Amosov
Maxim Amosov

“For 10 years I was working in the field of sustainable development, focusing on projects like, design of a business incubator ‘The Grounds’ at Schiphol Airport, start-up of a systems engineering company ‘Metabolic’, implementation/R&D of a self-sufficient neighborhood ‘De Ceuvel’ in the Netherlands, development of an ESCO business model and knowledge management system for ‘Synergy Efficiency Solutions’ in Bali.”

Maxim has also designed and implemented cleantech for sanitation and resource recovery, wastewater treatment, biorefineries, black-solder-fly-based waste-2-protein systems, and many more. Some of these cleantech were replicated in Thailand, Jamaica and Aruba with local communities.

“Recently I finished a post-doc at Technical University Delft and Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, where I have developed and tested an integrated approach to design and implementation of circular economy solutions.”

Based on the results of this work, he started a company that provides multi-stakeholder workshops to government, academia and business, and training sessions to the MSc and PhD students in the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore, and perform a cutting-edge research on strategies for adoption of cleantech and resource recovery/valorisation in cities that aims at creation of integrated, resilient and 0-waste regions.

“My mission is to foster adoption of cleantech around the world. I truly believe that circular economy is only possible by bringing the key actors together!”

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