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Expert of the Week: Marleena Ahonen – “Everyone can make a difference”

Marleena Ahonen says that building a sustainable future and minimizing extensive environmental impacts is of essential importance as well as what drives her.

Marleena Ahonen

This is why she majored in environmental engineering and energy technology for process industries in Aalto University school of Chemical Engineering.

She has a passion for the environment and enjoy solving problems and working with other people.

“I view the future possibilities, even the utopian ones with great interest and an open mind.”

Marleena is a sustainability advisor in The Natural Step Finland. Her work experience includes process industries, gas economy, supply chains, strategic life cycle analysis, cleantech and foresight projects. In addition to Finland, she has worked in the United States and done project-work in Tanzania.

“Everyone can make a difference, I want to save the world a small piece at a time.”

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