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Expert of the Week: Krzysztof Tabiszewski – developing the hyperloop transportation system


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Solved’s Expert of the Week Krzysztof Tabiszewski develops new, disruptive form of transportation that will be faster and more reliable.

Krzysztof Tabiszewski
Krzysztof Tabiszewski

“Current modes of transportation are slow, not user-friendly and most of them have to be subsidized to operate. On the other hand, we have regions like V4 group that have great development potential but are in need of new form of transportation. Connecting them with high speed, reliable transportation system will rapidly increase communication and region development.”

Krzysztof has worked on various mobility project from extremely energy efficient vehicles to sport cars.

“Currently in Arteria Hyper Poland, we are focused on developing the Hyperloop transportation system that will allow people to travel with speed up to 1000 km per hour.”