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Expert of the Week: Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim – focusing on renewable energy project development, financing and planning


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Solved’s Expert of the Week Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim is an Energy Systems Consultant with more than 16 years professional experience.

His special focus is on renewable energy project development, clean energy project financing and planning, power system analysis, energy efficiency, smart grid and mini grid solutions, energy auditing, energy utility design and planning.

Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim
Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim

“I consider any challenge as opposite to success, especially in the development context. Hence in order to succeed in any aspect of global development, we must solve the lingering challenges along the development path. And I am always being motivated by the success I often recorded on my quest to solve the global energy challenges.”

He has prepared and coordinated several bankable feasibility studies and business plans for sustainable energy investments in Europe, Africa and MENA region.

“I have years of experience in conducting due diligence studies and technical assessment for off-grid and grid-connected Solar PV and conventional power projects.”

He also works closely with various global energy organizations.

“To solve any professional problem efficiently, I always tried to understand the root of the problem. Analyze the problem and apply the global standard practice to methodologically solve it. I often do this with the limited professional resources available.”