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Expert of the Week: Katharina Paoli – believing in people, planet and profit working together

If you need an action oriented strategist with an entrepreneurial mindset that believes in people, planet and profit working together towards measurable results – here she is!

Katharina Paoli

Katharina Paoli is from Sweden but at the moment she spends a lot of time in Silicon Valley, United States.

“I am a member and mentor for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, Al Gore’s global network of leaders committed to address the climate crisis. I’ve been trained in Climate Leadership by Al Gore himself.”

Katharina’s expertise includes smart sustainable cities, climate change solutions, sustainable business development, behavioral change and nudging, sustainable lifestyles, and sustainability communications and CSR communications.

“I am also the Co-founder and Chair of A Win Win World, a global co-creation platform to get more action for a sustainable future, and Program Manager for the Cleantech Initiative at the Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley.”

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