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Expert of the Week: Jojakim Sames – “We have no Planet B”


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Our Expert of the Week Jojakim Sames works in the renewable business, where he can help to make the world a little – or big – bit better.

Jojakim Sames
Jojakim Sames

“I love PV Solar Systems and storage possibilities. I founded also Engineers without borders Germany more than 14 Years ago in this approach.  I am working now for 13 years in the solar business. Now the main target is the storage technology.”

His interest is in transforming the world from being fossil-dependent to a clean world with renewables. We have no Planet B, Jojakim says.

Jojakim wants to solve challenges because it is very interesting and with each challenge solved you gain a lot on experience.

“The biggest challenge concerning my job was the construction of a refugee camp for more than 9000 people in the middle of nowhere in Chad in a time frame of 8 weeks with a team of three people.”