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Expert of the Week: Jing Xu – “Smooth supply chain management is crucial for 24/7 production”


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Our Expert of the Week Jing Xu has 8 years working experience in testing, inspections, certification and verifications in photovoltaic and semiconductor industry.

Jing Xu
Jing Xu

She is also specialist in metrology methodology for solar cell production in areas of product development, installation, customer support, implementation of new releases and customer service.

“I’ve been working closely with various teams from sales, technical sales, service team, customer care and project management to work on the implementations. I am aware of execution power is proportional to customer satisfaction.”

She says that smooth supply chain management is crucial for 24/7 production on customer site.

“From the job as a product manager, I’ve learned how important the process is for the product development. SPC, statistical process control, and data analysis are the key tools to evaluate the performance of the characterization and measurement systems.”