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Expert of the Week: Jenni Selosmaa – transforming the economy

Solved’s Expert of the Week Jenni Selosmaa works in the areas of sustainable economy and economic equality.

Jenni Selosmaa
Jenni Selosmaa

“I lead an inclusive project in Nicehearts, train and coach impact business owners in Impactor Consulting and serve as a personal financial trainer and entrepreneur in Financial Training Studio.”

Impactor Consulting is a cooperative that aims to transform the economy.

“We help our members in building and financing high impact businesses that focus on solving social and ecological problems. We also coach the impact-minded teams in Vertical and xEdu accelerators. We aim at building a network of value-based impact investors.”

Jenni says that finance and social psychology are the backbone of her education and her professional experience is multidimensional.

“I have worked in the fields of research, venture capital, private banking, real estate and financial management. I have also worked as a consultant and developer in executive education and in human value based research and marketing.”

Jenni has co-founded four companies, and she is part of a rapidly growing network of people and organizations that are active in peer-to-peer economy and embrace the new sustainable economic models such as the blockchain technology and circular economy.

“This new sharing economy and other socially, environmentally and economically responsible solutions have many applications for large corporations as well and are in my view the greatest opportunities for learning and development as a society and a community.”