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Expert of the Week: Jani Matsson – solution focused coaching in practice

Jani Matsson offers solution-focused coaching. Coaching can help you, your team or organization to see clearer what is important in your work, and how to focus on that.

Jani Mattsson
Jani Mattsson

Coaching helps you to get where you want to be – helping you to better see new possibilities and what resources you already have, Jani says.

“I base my practice on solution-focused coaching and supervision. I work from a system view of organizations, and also base my work on an in-depth understanding of adult learning and development.”

Jani can help you to utilize the principles of self-organizing in your organization.

“I have experience in facilitating and hosting dialogue processes – helping your team or stakeholder group to think better together. In my coaching practice I adhere to ethical guidelines and confidentiality.”

Jani comes to the human side of business from a solid technology background – with experience in various business functions as an entrepreneur.

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