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Expert of the Week: Irina Solonova – “Our life is a set of challenges. If we like solving them – then we enjoy life.”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Irina Solonova is fond of new technologies which make our life more effective and people environmental impact less destructive.

Irina Solonova
Irina Solonova

“My motto is ‘step by step approach’ to every challenge. Divide a challenge into multiple tasks, make a plan, implement, correct and then step by step – it’s solved.”

Irina has 15 years of professional experience in both real estate eco-development and internationalization activities.

“Russian market is a newborn as regards environmentally friendly technologies and eco-behavior. Still the changes are visible – new generation is ready to absorb new ideas. I very welcome any new producers who would like to put new ideas, products, services and technologies to Russian market.”

In 2000–2011, Irina got practical experience in real estate and construction market in Russia working on managerial positions in such companies as SetlCity, Management company of Industrial Construction Bank and GVA Sawyer.

“During my time in construction industry I have been involved in numerous projects connected with redevelopment of old industrial territories into modern day mix-use projects as well as green development projects of 100–500 hectares for new residential communities.”

Starting from 2012, she has been in internationalization business, firstly working in Finnish Global Trade Organization Finpro ry, assisting Finnish companies from construction, logistics, machinery, maritime, education segments to develop in Russian market. Currently Irina works as CEO of Ruspro.

“Our life is a set of challenges. If we like solving them – then we enjoy life. Solved is a beautiful platform which enables professionals to collaborate while solving crucial environmental challenges which have impact on our life.”